Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this important information about Sukhava Bodhe. Contact us at

General Admission:
General admission begins 6pm Thursday for those who have a four day pass.

All other pass holders must arrive on a day listed on their pass and are permitted to camp the last night listed on their pass. For example, if you have a Saturday pass, you may arrive as early as 6am Saturday and camp that night. Those who camp must leave by noon the following day and are permitted to take classes only on the day(s) which are included in their registration.

Gate Times:
Thursday, 6pm
Friday, 8am-9pm
Saturday, 6am-9pm
Sunday, 6am-8pm
Monday, 6am-12pm

Admission to Intensives:
Those who are registered for a Friday Intensive may arrive Thursday night 6-8pm.

The Intensive will go 10am-4pm with a lunch break.

We suggest you bring the following to help make the most of your weekend:

  • Tent with a tarp
  • Bug spray
  • Water (some will also be for sale)
  • Sunscreen
  • Earplugs for light sleepers
  • There will be food and supplies available for purchase throughout the weekend
  • Yoga mat and any props you like to practice with (straps, blocks etc)

Checkout the camping checklist for more ideas.

Sukhava Bodhe is a camping event. Enjoy the beauty of Stonehouse Farm’s gentle rolling fields, woodlands and swimming pond.

Grills/Firewood: Participants may bring portable grills, which can be used in designated areas of the campsite. Outside firewood for campsites isn’t allowed, but wood will be sold on-site.
Recycling and Trash: Facilities for both will be available on site. Reduce, reuse and recycle, and please do not use fire pits as garbage cans.
Wildlife: We subscribe to the “leave it as you find it” principle. Please don’t feed the wildlife. Fishing in the pond is also prohibited.
Quiet Hours: Designated quiet hours will run from midnight to 6am Friday and Saturday night and 10pm to 6am Sunday night. Please respect your fellow campers and confine any noise and music to your own site, especially during quiet hours.
Fireworks: No fireworks are allowed at Stonehouse Farm.
Pets: Pets are not allowed at Stonehouse Farm.
Food and Drink: Vendors will be selling food on-site and supplies will be available at the Country Store, including necessities like toothpaste. We encourage campers to bring their own. Please be mindful of the no-glass policy. Ice will also be on sale at the store.
Alcohol: Sukhava Bodhe is an awakening of all that is inherently joyful within our bodies, minds, and spirits. We believe that as we are surrounded by vibrant community, natural beauty and conscious-raising practices, we reach states of intentional bliss. Please use alcohol mindfully at Sukhava Bodhe and refrain from consuming drugs. There is a strict no glass policy, but you can bring your own in proper containers.

Cars and motorcycles can park at a designated lot on the property. There will be RV hookups on-site, which will be given out on a first come-first serve basis. RV’s may park for $100 for the weekend. Consider sharing a ride with fellow festival attendees by posting a message on our message board.

Please visit this page for directions to Stonehouse Farm.

There are no refunds for tickets to Sukhava Bodhe. If you find you are unable to make the event, we encourage you to sell your ticket or give it to a friend.

Sukhava Bodhe is a family-friendly gathering! Children 12 and under have free admission when accompanied by a parent or guardian with a ticket.