2015 Vendors:

Piper Marie

Piper Marie is an eco-friendly fashion line. Our main focus is on undergarments and apparel but we are so much more. Only working with certified organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and soy. As well as re-purposed and vintage materials. PM also offers accessories and home goods.


Since 2000, handcrafted jewellery and accessories inspired by my travels in India and Southeast Asia. I will be selling malas, Indian peasant blouses, and OOAK banjara purses made from vintage Indian textiles.

Divine Authentic Jewelry

Jewelry with a healing purpose.

Becki Moylan

Meaning-filled jewelry made from reclaimed, recycled and repurposed “bits” such as rocks, compasses, keys, maps and gemstones. These “bits” are fit together in such a way that the finished piece tells a story or carries a message. Often the message reminds us of the power of our thoughts and beliefs and the mind/body connection.

Intrinsic Arts

Intrinsic Arts is an artist collective from Kankakee, Illinois. We were founded in 2009 as a fire performance troupe and have since expanded to include art in various other forms, including live painters, fashion designers, installation artists, and street entertainers. Don’t miss our Dome Art Gallery at Sukhava Bodhe

La Cocinita

La Cocinita (“The Little Kitchen”) serves fresh, authentic, gourmet street food from Latin America. We offer an array of delicious and healthy options, ranging from traditional Mexican tacos to less familiar South American fare such as arepas and patacones. The build-your-own theme of our menu allows people to customize their meals in order to suit all preferences and tastes. All our food is gluten-free and vegetarian, and everything can be served vegan, as well (please specify no cheese).

Kathmandu Yogi

Kathmandu Yogi is a purveyor of fair trade meditation supplies handcrafted by artisans in Nepal. Their signature meditation cushions are made from Tibetan brocade silks, Bhutanese weaves and Nepali cotton and filled with buckwheat hulls. They also carry yoga bags in complimenting fabrics as well as Tibetan Buddhist style malas available in an array of woods, seeds and semi-precious stones. Learn more at Kathmandu Yogi.

Rishi Tea

Rishi Tea is a leading importer of certified organic teas and botanicals from the most unique, remote growing regions across the world. Rishi’s botanical sourcing experts travel the world each year, leaving ‘No Leaf Unturned’ in their search for organic herbs and spices of a most rare quality. Rishi creates deeply flavorful loose leaf and tea bag blends inspired by equal parts modern culinary innovation and ancient herbal wisdom.


NessAlla Kombucha makes raw, craft-brewed kombucha from Rishi Tea using the happiest SCOBYs on earth and the finest herbal ingredients.


Baizaar features all handcrafted ,direct trade and Fair Trade jewelry and unique finds from artisans around the world. We travel to exotic lands seeking out the most unique and high quality jewelry and crafts, working directly with the artists and small businesses that produce them in Nepal, Thailand, Bali, India, Turkey and beyond. Our collection is always evolving, all pieces are small production and many are completely one of a kind. Every piece has a story and we are happy to share it with you.

Aranya Yoga Boutique

Aranya is a Sanskrit word meaning Green and Bountiful Forest, signifies generosity and prosperity. We truly believe in conserving the nature as much as we care about preserving the ancient practice of Yoga! 

We invite you all to be part of the incredible journey of Living Yoga with us. 
Come explore health, happiness and stress free living, One Asana at a Time.

Sweet Aum Chicago

Sweet Aum Chicago offers herbs, tinctures, and essential oil products for a variety of different purposes. They will also be offering tarot readings, beaded jewelry from Mexico, and artwork and live painting by the talented Ryan Blume.


Athleta offers women’s yoga clothing, swimwear, running clothing and athletic clothing for fitness, golf & tennis.

Eden’s Rose Foundation

Inciting change, inspiring growth and empowering sustainability. The Eden’s Rose Foundation is a not-for profit humanitarian and international aid organization. We offer gifts that are made in communities helped by our direct trade programs such as incense made and blessed by Tibetan monks and Macramé made by women in our Macramé Project. Come visit us and buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win a beautiful embroidered Tapestry!

The OM Collection

We are based in Colorado and product men’s and women’s athletic and lifestyle apparel. We source eco fabrics when possible and assure our items are produced ethically without any sweat shop labor. In fact, we have personal relationships with all of our family sewing facilities in Bali and our domestic (USA) production facilities.

Intention Beads

Intention Beads create handmade clay beads during auspicious astrological times. Based on what that time yields, we create an intention and affirmation that supports the energy being emitted. The jewelry is designed to be a daily reminder that an intention must be lived everyday.

Comfy Yoga Pants

100% cotton, vegetable dyed, hand made yoga/beach/lounge pants from Nepal

Props To Your Mom

Props To Your Mom is a mother-daughter owned business operating out of Logan Square in Chicago, IL. We are passionate about designing sustainable and stylish support for your yoga practice. We mindfully source certified organic materials for our handmade yoga mat bags, bolsters, meditation cushions and eye pillows. We also offer a reclaimed line, sourced from repurposed or vintage fabrics. Each product line is designed and handmade locally (by us!) and is produced in small batches, ensuring your purchase is a unique and sustainable one.


HOI gear is heavenly comfortable, versatile, with minimalistic design, and kick ass prints. It is designed and made in Chicago.

Shining Shakti

We are an earlth-friendly line of hand-dyed yoga clothes for the eco- and fashion-conscious woman. We use organic / earth friendly fabrics and manufacture entirely in the USA.