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Ananda Lila is a family of musicians who love to weave ancient chants from different traditions with newly birthed sacred songs. To offer healing grounding soundscape for opening hearts and voices. To be timeless, primal or ancient, yet fresh and contemporary. To join together with the intension of moving into silence, transformation and freedom. To meditate and celebrate!!

Ananda Lila’s soundscape features the accordion, violin, flute and clarinet, world music rhythms, and transcendent voices creating a Sufi kirtan with gypsy grooves; blending East & Native Indian sounds with klezmer, ambient and folk flavors.

As lovers of music and universal oneness, Ananda Lila is inspired by the wisdom of many traditions including: ecstatic passion of the Sufis, dream space of Shamanism, meditative practice of the Buddha, remembrance of divine from the Gita, and dancing moving meditation from Osho. Music and mantra teaching influences include: Russill Paul, Deva Premal and Miten, and Rajiv Kumar Malik Rajnain.

With a grateful heart, Ananda Lila has been sharing kirtan and sacred sound experiences in the Midwest since 2010 at places such as: Kirtan Festival Milwaukee, The Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple, Yoga Now Chicago, Yoga Effect, Bodhi Spiritual Center, The Theosophical Society, The Bodhi Center, Life Force Arts Center.

Members include: Shanti Wendy Warnimont: Vocals, Accordion, Guitar, Mandolin • Kellyann Binkowski: Flutes, Vocals, Clarinet  • Michi Regier: Violin • Mitchellini Avi: Guitar • Aaron Hermann: Bass • Tosho Chakarov (ArtTeo): World Percussion• Lisa Devi: Sound Healing, Vocals.