Carrie Pokorney

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Carrie believes yoga is a healing tool that connects our mind, body, and spirit. One of her teachers, Gabriel Halpern says “the issues are in the tissues”. Come prepared to open the physical body, release blockages in the mental & emotional body, sweat, relax, move playfully, and meditate. She strives to create a safe space where students can deepen their practice and is very excited to guide others through the yoga journey.
Carrie took her first yoga class at a small gym in her hometown, Mokena, IL as advised by her doctors to help with depression. The class was taught by a woman who called herself the “Yoga Fairy.” Unsure if it was the magic of the yoga fairy or focus on mindfulness and breathing, Carrie began using yoga as a means of therapy. Carrie studied Rehabilitation and traveled overseas as a nanny and teacher after graduating college. Yoga always came with her while she traveled and found herself teaching it to her students and friends she met along the way. After two years on the road, Carrie settled back to Chicago to study under Daren Friesen at the Moksha.
Carrie is also attuned to Reiki II and loves integrating energy work into her yoga sessions.