Danielle Barton

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A California-native, but nomad at heart, Danielle made her way to Chicago where she vigorously pursued self-discovery and self-development. From the time Danielle was first introduced to yoga, it was a medicine for both her body and her heart. As a result of her own journey, Love and Healing are the forces that deeply guide Danielle and it becomes evident in her teaching. Each class incorporates functional breath work, intention setting, heart-full devotion, and positive affirmations.
Danielle completed her 200 hour Teacher Training with Moksha Yoga Center, under the guise of Daren Friesen. The teachers who have been most influential in Danielle’s teaching style are Aadil Palkhivala and Catherine Ashton, and she is deliberate about incorporating their philosophy into each class. She leads alignment-based classes that honor students by allowing them safe space to become curious about their own bodies, their own thoughts, and their own experiences. In teaching Hatha Yoga, Danielle guides her students into the deepest parts of their fascia and their feelings, where healing can be ignited.
Above all else, Danielle is a community builder who is intentional about creating safe space for her students to love, heal, and breathe.
“There is a space in every breath where everything becomes suspended; it’s the space between the inhale and exhale. This space is where all the magic happens. It’s where clarity arises. Peace overtakes one’s soul. Love is ever present. Healing is abundant here. It’s my duty to share this magic, this healing, with the world.”