Fri, Sept 2
10am-4pm with a lunch break

Vinyasa Intensive with Daren Friesen

Join us for an afternoon of creative, dynamic and intelligent vinyasa flow. This intensive will include a practice, class discussion, and hands-on experiential work. Explore how to enliven your vinyasa practice with energetic techniques such as bandhas, mudras and kriyas. Go deeper into the meaning and feeling of flow.

Self-Knowledge: A Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Gong Intensive

The ancient sages and saints who developed Kundalini Yoga began first by studying themselves. They discovered that within each human being lies the dormant power of Infinity. This dormant power is often represented as a snake coiled 3 1/2 times at the base of the spine. That ‘half’ coil represents what humans long for even now–that touch of Infinity which locks together the three dimensions of time, space and self. Explore these three dimensions with kriya, mantra and the gong as Shakta guides you to awaken the kind of self-knowledge that transforms!

Acro Yoga Intensive with Joe Yonek

No partner needed! Come as you are!

AcroYoga ties together acrobatics, and dance with yoga asana and a yogic consciousness. This blending of arts creates a spirit of play and exploration between participants to see what can be created together. By blending the physical practices with the yogic approach to asana a great deal of focus is placed not just on your experience but also on your partners’. This focus increases your awareness of the subtle movements that create a physical balance and a harmonious relationship with your partner. Classes are taught at a level that is accessible to the people receiving the teaching.

In this workshop students will learn the basics of basing, flying and spotting to create a safe foundation to build their future practice. Students will find connection with each other and discover the how playing together builds foundations for relationships and friendships with people that they have only known a brief time.

From Earth to Sky: Forrest Yoga Intensive with Allison English

Join Allison for a Forrest Yoga Intensive as a part of Sukhava Bodhe Yoga and Music Festival. Spend a full day out on the land of Stonehouse Farm soaking in the wisdom of the Earth and Sky. Inspired by ceremonies and practices related to the natural world, Forrest Yoga helps you to align your internal intelligence with that of the environment around you. This intensive will take you on a journey from your roots to your Spirit – from the power of the ground beneath you to the expansive opportunities of the open sky above you. Start the day with an exploration of the Forrest Yoga chants, dances and drumming. Then delight in a full-length morning practice related to grounding into the energies of the Earth and nourishing your Self. Spend a midday break at the “water cooler” getting insight into your personal yoga journey through an injury Q&A circle. Expand into openness from your hands to feet, reaching up into the sky with an afternoon practice of inversions and partner hands on assisting. Finish the day with a talking circle where you can reflect on the journey of the day. Experience the delight and power that arises through your connection to Spirit through the practices of Forrest Yoga!

10-10:30am – Chanting, Drumming, Meditation, Intent Setting

10:30am-12:30pm – Finding Your Footing – Grounding Practice for Hips, Legs and Feet

12:30-1:30pm – LUNCH BREAK with Injury Circle Q&A

1:30-3:30pm – Skywalking – Enlivening arm balance and inversion practice with partner hands on assists for those who are interested in learning more about Forrest Yoga hands on work

3:30-4pm – Talking Circle Closing

Photo by Cyndi Fandl