Fri, Sept 2
10am-4pm with a lunch break

Vinyasa Intensive with Daren Friesen

Join us for an afternoon of creative, dynamic and intelligent vinyasa flow. This intensive will include a practice, class discussion, and hands-on experiential work. Explore how to enliven your vinyasa practice with energetic techniques such as bandhas, mudras and kriyas. Go deeper into the meaning and feeling of flow.

Self-Knowledge: A Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Gong Intensive

The ancient sages and saints who developed Kundalini Yoga began first by studying themselves. They discovered that within each human being lies the dormant power of Infinity. This dormant power is often represented as a snake coiled 3 1/2 times at the base of the spine. That ‘half’ coil represents what humans long for even now–that touch of Infinity which locks together the three dimensions of time, space and self. Explore these three dimensions with kriya, mantra and the gong as Shakta guides you to awaken the kind of self-knowledge that transforms!

Acro Yoga Intensive with Dasha Afanassova


Come try something new and different! No experience? Perfect!

Have you been wanting to try AcroYoga and looking for a safe and supportive space to do it in? This is your chance! This immersion will give you the foundation you need for your acro practice to go out, play, explore!

AcroYoga is a mélange of yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. Students work in groups of three to safely spot, base and fly each other. Everyone will get to try each role – size doesn’t matter! We will be switching groups around so if you come by yourself you’ll get to interact with many new people!

The beauty of an AcroYoga practice is how much it opens to trust others and how it helps create a shared experience not only within the group of 3, but also within the community created in the workshop.



Forgiveness Intensive with Danielle D. Barton


Forgiveness is how we heal. In this workshop, you will learn mind-body techniques for practicing forgiveness and “doing the work”. Danielle will guide you through a series of interactive exercises to take you deeper into self-discovery, non-attachment, and love; all of which are key components of true forgiveness. Moksha (liberation) is possible; forgiveness is the way. Join Danielle in the journey of becoming both forgiven and forgiving earth shakers. Bring a journal. Bring a friend.